Give your computer its shots with anti-virus

It is crucial to protect your computer from spam and viruses. If a virus infects your computer it can, in some cases, actually use your computer to replicate itself to others. Some viruses can even send files from your computer to others. If you do not have an anti-virus program on your computer, one that gives frequent updates, you are not only leaving yourself unprotected, but also everyone in your address book.

What are they watching?

Young people are likely to come across a range of different material when exploring the Internet. While a lot of this material will be fun, educational or informative, some of the content they view may be upsetting, inappropriate, or cause them distress. iONLINE strives to control and monitor minor access to Internet content through our partner security applications.

We are pleased to offer you Kaspersky with parental control and firewall security.To find out more about protection of minors, follow this sponsored link:

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