iSAT - a flexible and scalable solution

iONLINE-Satellite offers a variety of data, video and voice communications via an Africa-wide satellite network operating in 26 countries. Together with our engineering partners, we provide full consultation, system design and planning services, right through to implementation and operation of the solution. The iONLINE-Satellite service is exclusively available through iONLINE, sold via authorised re-seller/channel networks. It is available in 26 countries throughout Africa, and is the ideal flexible and scalable business solution.

What it is and how it works

For businesses looking to expand their communications requirements from Southern Africa into Africa, or vice versa, iONLINE-Satellite is a reliable and safe alternative to existing land-based infrastructure. A versatile, scalable and complete turnkey satellite communications solution, iONLINE-Satellite is a VSAT service offering both C-band (Amos-5), and Ku-Band (Hellas-Sat 2) technologies. The system offers Point-to-point access (carrier and trunk services), Point to Multipoint access (VSAT networks, data distribution, remote publishing and retail), and Multipoint-to-multipoint access (VSAT and Network communications).

This network solution is a star-network that provides seamless end-to-end IP connectivity from any location in Africa directly to the teleport in Midrand, South Africa. iONLINE has access to this teleport, which means we have better functionality and control of the service in its entirety. From the Teleport, the access circuit is connected to the customer’s hosted equipment in the Tier 4 Data Centre, or back-hauled to the customer’s premises via terrestrial links.


  • A hub chassis enabling multiple inbound and outbound networks on five satellites. The compact design enables clients to start with a smart and feature-rich solution when building new networks, while offering all the required functionalities, including integrated IP routing, TCP/IP acceleration, advanced QoS and encryption.
  • The hub is highly flexible, supporting the entire array of topologies and access schemes, including star, mesh, SCPC, deterministic MF-TDMA and TDM or DVB-S2/ACM, all in the same chassis. Bandwidth can be increased on the fly from 64 kbps to 20 Mbps on the outbound, and 64 kbps to 11 Mbps on the inbound.
  • The most advanced built-in QoS functionality; end-to-end VLAN (802.1q) support; increased quality of service levels; and bandwidth optimisation and traffic prioritisation.
  • Redundant hub components make for uncompromised reliability. The IDU controller continuously monitors various critical parameters and, should the path currently in use experience a problem, automatically switches to the alternative path.
  • The NMS enables all essential configurations, monitoring and control operations of the VSAT network infrastructure and IP service delivery from a centrally located network operations centre (NOC). The NMS is scalable and flexible: a single NMS can support multiple hubs for virtually unlimited scalability; a hub can support multiple NMS systems to create multiple networks, managed by HNO and VNO management systems. Every NMS can support multiple shared and private networks, on different satellites, transponders, satellite bands (C, Ku, etc.) that scale from tens to thousands of remote sites.


  • Smart design with great scalability
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Bandwidth optimisation means greater efficiency
  • Built-in redundancy for peace of mind
  • Network-managed system (NMS).