SMS from email

Finally, there is a way to SMS friends, family and business associates from your email. Most people are at their work stations or laptops during the day and thus this new, integrated tool will make your work and communication that much faster and more effective. SMS mail makes use of any mail package and allows users to send SMSes directly to their chosen email recipient. Sent messages are stored in the email's “sent items” folder, while replies to the sent SMSes are received directly to the user's email “inbox”.


  • Email address for SMS contacts
  • SMSes saved in "sent items" folder
  • Reply supported
  • Long messages
  • Work with alternate mail packages
  • Web-based reporting interface
  • Status reports
  • Full reporting.


  • One click SMS Outlook integration
  • No cell phone contract needed
  • Easy to use.


Free SMSes

Setup, once-off, per user

In-bundle rate

Out-of-bundle rate

Monthly cost

SMS Basic 200 R100 R0.60 R0.7 R120
SMS Intermediate 1 000 R100 R0.58 R0.65 R580
SMS Advanced 5 000 R85 R0.56 R0.63 R2 800
SMS Extreme 10 000 R50 R0.53 R0.60 R5 300

Prices excl VAT

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