iONLINE - Microwave solutions

MetroNet is an IP-based, high-speed alternative to a traditional fixed line. It affords businesses and Internet Service Providers critical connectivity through its guaranteed speeds, reliability and capacity, and is thus highly recommended for those seeking dedicated, alternative connectivity. The MetroNet product and back-up service is available nationally.

What it is, and how it works

MetroNet makes possible the transmission of all IP-based data, voice and video services. The network works using an ICASA-licensed spectrum for connectivity as well as Metro Ethernet, optical fibre architecture. MetroNet thus offers carrier-grade performance and high throughput in a scalable solution that complements other connectivity solutions, and guarantees that your company is always connected to the business community, suppliers, customers and staff. Multiple package options are available, starting from 512kbps right up to 50Mbps and more. Dedicated services are available within all major metropolitan areas

Product requirements:

  • A site survey (physical) 
  • Clear line of sight to an available high site (on our network) 
  • Written landlord's consent to mount equipment 
  • Router with an Ethernet interface 
  • 2U of rackspace


  • Metro Ethernet architecture 
  • Wireless 
  • Licensed & un Licensed wireless spectrum
  • A managed, end-to-end network 
  • Low latency 
  • Dedicated service 
  • Fixed pricing irrespective of distance, within metropolitan regions 
  • IP-based service 
  • Available in major metropolitan areas 
  • SLA committing to 99.5% uptime


  • Easier to manage and upgrade 
  • No fixed lines required 
  • SLA comes standard 
  • Carrier-grade performance 
  • Voice capable 
  • No contention 
  • Simpler pricing model 
  • Multimedia service on a single medium 
  • National coverage 
  • Carrier-grade performance