Free fax2email

Free fax2email is a great product. It allows you to receive faxes to your email absolutely free. It also has outgoing functionality, which allows you to send faxes from your email or BlackBerry device to a fax machine. This saves both money and time as it is no longer necessary to have a Telkom line to send faxes or print the document before sending. And, you can do it on the go.


  • Unlimited free incoming faxes
  • Receive from South African numbers only
  • 0866, 0865 numbers available
  • Fax reporting available.


  • No unnecessary Telkom charges
  • Free incoming fax service
  • Faxes are accessible worldwide via email
  • Save on paper, fax machine and ink costs
  • Once a fax has been received you can easily forward it anywhere or to anyone.


International faxes

National faxes

Free fax number

Outgoing fax charge

Monthly subscription cost

Incoming fax2email No Yes 1 R0 R0
Outgoing email2fax No Yes 1 TBA R27

Prices excl VAT

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