iONLINE FIBRE services range from

4mb - 600mb

NEWS Headline - November 2013

iONLINE has started the FIBRE revolution!

Our FIBRE campaign is aimed at bringing UNINTERRUPTED HIGH SPEED internet access to our immediate community.

South Africa is home to around 15 000km of "dormant" FIBRE. You have probably seen teams digging up the roads all around Centurion. Our mission is to bring this service to your Home, your Business and the community.

iONLINE has ear-marked 3 strategic locations in Southern Africa to launch FIBRE service during the 1st and 2nd Quarter of 2014. During this period we will be hosting Executive breakfasts for SME & Corporate business owners. Register for our breakfast and join iONLINE in this FIBRE revolution!

To register for our free FIBRE Breakfast event, please complete the following application form after which you will receive a formal invitation.