Email off-site archiving

Email is today’s business communication tool. It forms binding contracts with customers, suppliers and employees; it records negotiations, purchase orders and business commitments. Effective email archiving creates a complete record of communication both within as well as outside your business. Not to archive email leaves both the business and its employees vulnerable to risk. Creating a secure, central repository of all business email data can be an expensive and technically complex undertaking. The larger an organisation, the more mail servers and locations need to be incorporated, the more challenging and the more important it is to have centralised email data management.

iONLINE, together with Mimecast's Online Archiving Service, is immediately affordable, has predictable costs and requires less maintenance than in-house archiving methods. By archiving your email automatically off-site, there is no need to worry. You can concentrate on business growth while we take care of your mail backups. When using our off-site backup facility, retrieval of archived mail is faster and more reliable than ever before.

Business benefits and features for various professionals

End user

Legal & compliance


IT Manager

Email always works Discovery and case management Flexible access to business information No more storage headaches
A bottomless mailbox Data in motion policy control Business email always works Faster backup and recovery for MS Exchange
High performance search Compliance assurance Lower cost and less resources than alternative Low touch, automated real-time archiving
Intuitive tool, minimal training Protect company assets Compliance assurance Implemented in hours to days


Email support

Organisational setup fee

User setup fee

Monthly, 2-year term*

Monthly, 5-year term**

1 to 50 users Free R1000 R100 R40 R38
51 to 100 users Free R1000 R100 R35 R33.25
> 101 users Free R1000 R100 R30 R28.50

*per mailbox, where a 2-year term is a 24-month contract   ** per mailbox, where a 5-year term is a 60-month contract

Prices excl VAT

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