Broadcast / Bulk SMSes

Bulk or Broadcast SMS is a Short Message Service that provides organisations with the ability to send multiple SMSes on a regular basis. Whether it is a targeted marketing initiative, information drive or mass alert, SMS broadcast gives organisations a quick and simple way to reach large numbers of people by sending SMSes to their mobile phones. Compared to traditional methods such as postal mail or phone calls, using SMSes to reach a large audience is extremely cost effective, with significant savings in both transmission and operational costs. Using either an Internet-based user interface or email client (for example Outlook), an ASCII-formatted file of mobile numbers is submitted to the SMS broadcast servers along with the message to be transmitted to all recipients. Where there is a requirement for personalised messages for each recipient, each unique message is associated with the recipient’s mobile number in the submitted file.


  • No additional equipment needed
  • Web interface included
  • Web-based reporting
  • Personalised SMS function
  • Receipt confirmation.


  • Quick and simple to send to a large list of recipients
  • Receive replies from recipient list
  • Create separate lists for organisations
  • User-friendly web browser interface.


Free SMSes

Setup per user

In-bundle rate

Out-of-bundle rate

Monthly charge

Basic 5 000 R85 R0.56 R0.63 R2 800
Intermediate 10 000 R50 R0.53 R0.60 R5 300
Advanced 50 000 R50 R0.50 R0.52 R25 000
100 000 R50 R0.45 R0.47 R45 000

Prices excl VAT

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