Oh bleep, my computer just crashed. Oh bleep, I never backed up...

Have you ever settled into your comfy office chair with a cup of java, switched on your computer and watched as nothing happened because you were unfortunate enough to be experiencing a little something called a crashed hard drive?

In days past, conventional backup was done by writing data to a CD or DVD, or copying it to an external drive. This is so last century. In today's communication-rich environment it is imperative to backup data off-site, using a scheduled process, to avoid potentially costly losses.

Backups, in essence really simple procedures, are overlooked until irretrievable data is lost. Each year, millions of rands, dollars and pounds are wasted due to the loss of important data when hard drives crash or are damaged by lightning or power surges. More money is then spent recovering lost data.

By backing up your files off-site, you are storing them in a safe location away from your computer. If something happens that results in an extensive loss of data, you will still have access to your files from our online backup system. These files can then be restored onto your computer.


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