Our take on ourselves

iONLINE is the future of customer-service-oriented Internet Communications Technology (ICT). We are practised specialists in all things ICT-related, and supply superior cutting-edge Internet, cellular and IT solutions to our clients. South Africa ranks embarrassingly low on global customer service rankings. At iONLINE, it is our aim to change revolutionise this, and create a trend in so doing. iONLINE doesn't just sell products, we sell service, and we do it with gusto and a sense of humour.

Our services

We supply a broad comprehensive range of ICT services, ranging from Connectivity options to Voice, Cloud and IT services. Our customers are spread throughout Southern and sub-Saharan Africa, with installation requests coming from as far afield as the United Kingdom. With a growing client base that ranges from individuals and home users through small enterprises and international corporates, no request is too big or too small for our exceptional team of professionals.

Our customers

We are a passionate and dynamic, customer-focused customer-driven service provider, and endeavour to always meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations. Our clients are those who prefer a supplier with a personal touch, one who realises they are important and makes them feel valued and appreciated; one who builds on this relationship of trust and reliability.

Our origins and our future

iONLINE began as a small an independent one-man-show, quickly budding flourishing into a successful SME. We are proudly South African, and while we may not have Harvard graduates in our midsts, our roots are strong and our branches stretch to optimistic remarkable heights.

Our values and our goals

We endeavour to provide excellent products, offer superior customer service and abide by the fundamental laws of ethics, integrity and honesty. We support innovation and creativity and feel believe that together we can will achieve more. In our staff we encourage teamwork and personal growth, and promote a culture of respect and excellence. We do our bit for the environment too, acknowledging the worth of our planet, realising her resources are limited and doing what we can to give back, to conserve and to restore.

Our distinguishing features

iONLINE pioneered set the trend on several products and services in the local market. Well, until a big, bossy corporate with muchos moolah set in play a marketing strategy involving our original ideas. Not to worry big bossy corporate, we'll consider it a compliment that our ideas were so good you pinched them from us, and palmed them off as your own. To this we say: watch this space for extraordinary things to come...